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  1. trixxxietangg says:

    same. hinata gave me this link cuz she said this was a new secret jutsu. these hoes aint loyal

  2. angelus424 says:


  3. blackstar452452 says:


  4. le_desanuseur says:

    Please make anal sex handsome!!!

  5. shadowkiller987 says:

    The same reason people like oral; it feels good to them. There are many places on the body you can get sexual gratification. It doesn’t just have to be the vagina and penis. You’re pretty ignorant on the subject of sexuality if you think a man is gay because he likes anal or that only gay men want anal, or that a lesbian doesn’t enjoy penetration simply because she is sexully attracted to women. If you like a feeling and your partner is willing to provide it, what’s the problem?

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